5th Biennial ROP Update

National, International, and
Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

About ROP Update 2022

Thank you to all that joined us this past ROP Update!

ROP science and research, treatment and management, new technologies, challenging cases, new ICROP (International Criteria for ROP), and global initiatives.

Planning Committee:

  • Faruk Orge, MD (Program Director)
  • Stephen R. Glaser, MD
  • Michael Repka, MD, MBA
  • Graham Quinn, MD, MSCE
  • Gil Binenbaum, MD, MSCE
  • Amy Hutchinson, MD
  • Alejandra de Alba Campomanes, MD


This unique meeting will be focusing on a very specific eye condition called retinopathy of prematurity. The experts will discuss imaging, diagnosis, treatment, basic science, pathophysiology, telemedicine and new technologies.

Advanced retinal imaging by NATUS

5th Biennial Event
33 Leading ROP Experts
4 Educational Sessions